letsbuymobile.com Scam [ Must Read]

Hi there,
Everyone wants to buy a good mobile phone, but mobile phones of all top companies are very highly priced, so we look for EMI Based schemes ,while looking for EMI offering website you may have noticed “LetsBuyMobile.com” Offering Mobile Without Credit card and you may think: “Wow what a deal!
When You Select This Company you are asked to pay Rs999 as Processing Fee and Your PAN Card Number and then you have to wait for 14 days before your order has been processed. On 12th day you will get a message that your application is rejected. When you call them either they will not pick the phone or if someone picks up they will say they cannot find any order. If you say that your application is rejected they will say wait for 21 days for refund and after 21 days you will never get refund,So You Remain With Nothing in Hand

So Beware Next Time and Keep Notice This Facts

  1. Its Very Easy to Make a Fraudulent Company
  2. Its Very Easy to Advertise on Google
  3. Don’t Misguided With 0% Interest EMI or Free Watch etc Because Such Thing Doesn’t Exist Don’t Get Trap paying Rs999
  4. If You Calculate There Price it Will Get 5% Less Than Price on Amazon.in or Snapdeal Which is Not Possible that someone offering EMI and Price is As much low
  5. TheMobieStore.in Offer This Scheme but They ask your to sign a document in their outlet (No Such Online Scheme)
  6. Worst Customer Care Seems Like 2-3 People are operating full scam

“If You are Victim of Such Scams Don’t Forgot to Leave a Comment Below”